Problems with therapist turnover?

Therapists never truly feel like part of your team?

Residents don't get to know them or build familiarity and trust?

Let us change this for you!!

Work with one trusted therapist, day after day

Rather than getting to know a new face each time...

we ensure you and your residents build a longer-term relationship...

with just one experienced and familiar physiotherapist!

Having multiple therapists is easier for our business but definitely not the best for your's. 

This is why we are committed to providing a minimal number of therapists who are tasked with multiple aspects of work. What this means is you can expect the same skilled therapist to…

Conduct Assessments

Run Group Sessions

Perform Pain Management Treatment

Attend Management Meetings

Liaise with Family Members

Provide Manual Handling Training

Answer to Auditors

Advise on Mobility Aids