Jeromy Tse

Founder & Physiotherapist

“My father taught me about growing old.

He said that as life progresses you slowly move from centre stage to take a more comfortable seat in the front row (which comes from an old Confucian teaching, I think). As you age, you’re no longer the star of the show, but you can relax and enjoy the performance, giving advice to the ones on stage about how to act in life.

I saw this respect and reverence for the older generation in the actions of my father and his siblings when caring for their mother, my grandmother. They were not just looking after her, they sought her advice and wisdom.

This has shaped my attitude toward the older people in our society, seeing them as people to learn from, as well as to care for. I think these strong values are part of the reason I build great rapport with my older clients.

Aged care is immensely rewarding work and I know my efforts are always appreciated by the wonderful souls I serve.”

Tse Household - Jeromy & Cecilia, with our children Trinity & Dominic


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