Expert support to help you

meet, maintain and exceed Accreditation standards

Our experienced therapists are trained on exactly what the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission are looking for and we present this evidence in the best possible light during an assessment

Guidance throughout the accreditation process

1. Detailed assessment – We start with an assessment of your current position,
including a review of documentation, processes, training and outcomes. We then compare this activity with the requirements of the relevant standards.

2. Improvement roadmap – Next we take the results of that assessment and create a clear improvement plan to deal with any issues identified. One of our senior therapists will guide you step-by-step through that plan.

3. Support during the audit – As well as preparing you for the audit, we’ll be on-site during the visit (and any subsequent scheduled visits or desk audits). Our therapist will be there to help you demonstrate competence and answer their questions.

4. Ongoing internal assessment – With unannounced visits occurring frequently, maintaining high standards of care is essential. We work closely with your clinical team to ensure a culture of continuous improvement.

Standards that our physios contribute to...

Standard 2.11

Skin Care

Standard 2.8

Pain Management

Standard 2.14

Mobility, Dexterity & Rehabilitation

Standard 4.3

Education & Staff Development

Standard 2.4

Clinical Care

Standard 4.5

Occupational Health & Safety